Tourabl comes to Margate

Touring a show to Margate just got much better

22nd May 2017

Are you touring a theatre show, a dance piece, an outdoor circus extravaganza to Margate but don’t really know the place very well?

Tourbl is here to help you and in turn, make the touring experience not only better for you but better for the venue, local audiences and local cultural networks. We are a location guide with a difference.

We want to connect you to people as well as to hotels, restaurants, shops and services. We understand from talking to touring artists that touring small-scale shows to different towns and cities for one or two nights at a time can sometimes be a frustrating experience. It’s hard to connect with audiences and therefore harder for them to connect with you and your work. All the content on Tourabl has been sourced via Local Engagement Specialists who we know are really connected to their local communities, particularly to arts and culture. They have furnished Tourabl with valuable contact information and advice about using it; with tried and tested listings and with their own personal take on their town or city. We hope you enjoy touring with us. Let us know what you think here.

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